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Northern forests surrounded by garbage and Leachate

Northern forests surrounded by garbage and Leachate

Northern forests surrounded by garbage and Leachate

If we pass illegal constructions in forest lands, especially at altitudes where there is no access except by helicopter, or if its precious and first-class timber is being cut and smuggled by traders, then Garbage can not be easily avoided.

The duel of Mazandaran forests with small and big problems is not over, on the one hand, wood smuggling has cut them off and is being emptied from the inside, and on the other hand, the landfill, in the best forest lands, has not achieved anything but its destruction. .

The beautiful forest of Mazandaran, which tourists and travelers take full advantage of, these days, for various reasons, is on the path of destruction and there is no disaster that has not happened to it, the most important thing is nothing but garbage.

In Mazandaran, the volume of garbage is very high, which is generally stored in forests and along rivers, and causes serious damage to this province, so that part of the garbage that is stored in the forest will destroy the forest cover and its leachate will enter groundwater.

Many experts believe that, for about 170 years, various methods for waste management have been implemented in the world, but unfortunately in Iran, due to the delay, we are facing waste.

For example, Shirgah, the capital of North Savadkuh, like many other cities in Mazandaran, has a serious problem with municipal waste disposal.

Shirgah Andargoli forest area, located in the heart of the Hyrcanian forests, is a place of unprincipled waste disposal.

In addition to creating an ugly landscape and creating numerous environmental pollutants, this landfill also dries up the trees in the Hyrcanian forests.

Rainfall increases the production of dangerous toxic leachates from landfills, and Mazandaran is no exception to this rule due to its climate, and heavy rains increase the volume of leachate production and from there penetrate the soil and water of rivers.