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About us

About us

Almas Pakan Tak Vista Company started working in 1397 with the aim of providing optimal solutions in the field of environmental protection, focusing on the issue of waste which is the main concern of today’s society by providing engineering services, technical support, maintenance, and repair, consulting, design, supervision, and implementation, with Utilizing the knowledge and ability of university professors and distinguished graduates.

This company was selected in 1398 as a knowledge-based company in the field of manufacturing 

Also include the following in the areas of activity:

Designer, consultant, and executor of environmental projects
Design, construction and operation of automatic municipal waste processing systems
Design, construction and operation of pre-treatment system of wet waste and organic waste
Design and construction of waste pollution reduction systems (odor, sound)
Design and construction of ozone production systems
Consultant and executor of wastewater treatment packages
Consulting, designer and implementer of web systems and source separation applications